the g.c. mckay clown world show

A look into the so-called 'self-help' corner of YouTube, where the financially privileged and conveniently apolitical pretty people of the globe get to enjoy their narcissism and are rightly rewarded for it, so long as they never deviate from the bland, non-challenging and even less provocative content we're all used to them producing. We live in a society, after all.

Another proponent of the Us vs Them narrative, Think Before You Sleep is a mentally disturbed troll who thinks reading a few articles makes him an edgelord psychologist whose word is gospel. It is anything but. Save your brain cells and stay far, far away.

Authors and readers looking for a crisis of identity and/or deep state of depression, look no further! Functional illiteracy is on the rise and TikTok is our new god. Thank Christ the only child to my name found itself swiftly aborted. Won't somebody please think of the children!

Featuring special guest boomer, Sam Vaknin.

This venture started off so well... now each and every new one is tarnished with thoughts of suicide whilst being paradoxically inspired by the inevitability of death. Go figure. Seppuku deserves a livestream comeback. On Twitch, preferably.