Welcome to the official website of artist G.C. McKay, author of the transgressive fiction novels Heather and Fubar, various short stories, YouTuber and podcaster. To inquire about hiring, collaborating and/or donating, please refer to the social links in the header or contact tab. Thanks.

G.C. will have a number of shorts featured inside the following anthologies, to be released before the end of 2021. 


Chameleon by G.C. McKay is the short story to be featured in Filthy Loot's anthology, Little Birds

Filthy Loot Press

Filthy Loot is a small press out of Ames, IA, run by Ira RatFocused on misfit fiction (transgressive, existentialist, horror, and other cult fictions) and odd other ideas — we publish zines, art stuffs, & books in both limited edition and open formats.

Little Birds is a collection of short fiction and poetry that exists outside the boundaries of conventional genres. Featuring Sam Pink, Elle Nash, Nate Lippens, Shane Jesse Christmass, Brian Alan Ellis, and G.C. McKay. 

Je Ne Sais Quoi

Je Ne Sais Quoi by G.C. McKay is the short story to be featured in In Filth it Shall be Found by Outcast Press

Outcast Press

There was a saying in medieval alchemy, in sterquiliniis invenitur, which roughly translates to “in filth, it will be found.”
Carl Jung (a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology) expounded on this later, explaining that what we most desire to find in our lives may be found in places we least want to explore.
These stories dive into the darker aspects of society, subjects we try desperately to hide, and new perspectives that will leave you enthralled. 


Anxiety Press


Anxiety Press is the new imprint from A Thin Slice of Anxiety, which might best be described as a Dilaudid infused overdose via literature.


We believe books are compulsions suffused with human feeling and intellect and seek only to publish those books which arrive to us straight from the margins of society. Books which quiver in the frame of our shit-stained reality and written in trembling states using words and ideas no-one else bothers to use, either out of fear or propriety. 

In Reflections Unseen

Neda Aria


Hikikomori (Japanese: ひきこもり or 引きこもり, lit. "pulling inward, being confined"), also known as "acute social withdrawal", is total withdrawal from society and seeking extreme degrees of social isolation and confinement. Hikikomori refers to both the phenomenon in general and the recluses themselves.

G.C. McKay was recently interviewed by Neda Aria. Check it out here